Develop Safe, Efficient, Reliable And Stable System Multiple security protections and efficient and stable system operation provide protection for your business expansion
Open Up All Retail Channels, Connect Sales Channels + Deepen Marketing
The modular application structure of the shacdock shopping system can support different business models and different sales scenarios of enterprises, such as online and offline, shopping guide and group purchase, distribution and community, etc...
      • Member
      • More convenient management of member information
      • Coupon
      • Traditional and Effective Marketing
      • Site or Store
      • Combination of multi-site and multi-store management
      • Online Payment
      • Access to mainstream online payment systems according to customer needs
      • Warehouse
      • Support multi-warehouse management and inventory management
      • Shipping&Delivery
      • Access the world's mainstream express tracking services to achieve real-time tracking
Omnichannel Marketing
2B and 2C business integration, online and offline business integration, help enterprises to form a closed loop of omni-channel retail business, reduce costs and increase efficiency
    • Online Service
    • Offline Store
    • Online Shopping Site For PC
    • Online Shopping Site For Mobile
    • APP application effectively activates the market
    • API interface to access third-party sales platform
    • Access to ERP system to better handle business
My Own Microservice Architecture
The system is based on my own API Microservice Architecture with front and rear separation
    • Open API interface, easy access to other operating platforms such as sales and ERP
    • The client ID effectively isolates the normal access and malicious attacks of each visitor
    • Data encryption technology supported by AES 128/256 etc. to transmit data
    • Malicious character filtering layer to support system security
    • The application of redis to the microservice architecture greatly improves the performance of the system
    • Mark:We can provide the development of corresponding service according to the specific needs of customers
The Development Language And Database Used
Provide different development languages ​​and database support according to the needs of the project
    • Front-End
    • Most Popular Vue And React
    • Backend
    • Most Popular Backend Languages
    • Database
    • Excellent Database
According to the actual needs and quotations of customer's project, we will use different languages ​​to develop the shopping system
SEO Optimization For Google And Other Search Engines
NUXT and NEXT provide better optimization technology for excellent PC front-end
    • NUXT
    • The best SSR rendering architecture for VUE
    • NEXT
    • The best SSR rendering architecture for React
Support World's Major Online Payment Systems
Fast and convenient online payment and collection
Choose the method of online payment according to your system needs
    • Paypal
    • Support online payment in 25 currencies around the world
    • Stripe
    • Mainstream online payment system in Europe and America
    • Credit Card
    • Support VISA, MasterCard, American Express, UnionPay, JCB
    • Cash On Delivery
    • When the user receives the goods, pay with cash or bank card
    • WechatPay
    • The first choice for Southeast E-commerce
    • Alipay
    • The international version of Alipay provides global collections
If you are a localized or international payment business.pls contact us and Embedded in shacdock system for free
Online Shopping Business Edition Features
  • Adopted separate technical architecture and data encryption,Effectively prevent network attacks and ensure data security
  • Open API interface makes it easier to access third-party platforms and ERP systems
  • Real-time exchange rate updates and express tracking
    • Open API Interface
    • Provide API interface of independent native architecture, and provide data transmission interface for customers to quickly access other projects
    • Data Encryption During Interaction
    • Adopt AES 128 bit +base6 and other network transmission encryption mechanisms to ensure the security form in the data network
    • Rapid Response Of API
    • Fast data response provides efficient data exchange capability for online systems and provides data exchange capability for terminal access services
    • Own Technical Structure
    • Based on the native development language, the technical framework specially developed for API data interaction interface
    • Support Multi Currency Settlement
    • Support the global mainstream payment system, and realize the real-time change of price according to the real-time exchange rate
    • Global Express Real-time Tracking
    • Cooperate with more than 900 global express service providers to provide real-time delivery tracking information services for express goods
    • Business Scenario Applications
    • Application of various commercial consumption scenarios, such as online retail, online wholesale, store management, multi store management, etc
    • Sales Data Statistics
    • Visual data chart statistics provide you with more direct revenue statistics. Provide reliable basis for your next business decision.
  • Quit Worrying About System Stability
  • More reliable e-commerce system services for businesses and retailers, all with expert support.
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