Distribution E-commerce Solutions The distribution system is a closed loop of transactions such as shopping malls, marketing fission, and distribution and sales.
    • Connecting People And Letting Your Sales Skyrocket
    • Seamlessly connect merchants, agents, internet celebrities and consumers with fission-type distribution, and efficiently monetize traffic.In-depth analysis, pay attention to each link of distribution
Shacdock Distribution System, A Better Distribution System
Go deep into popular distribution scenarios and don’t miss any deal opportunities The shacdock distribution system combines popular e-commerce scenarios to maximize traffic value
    • Dropshipping
    • Unified delivery, no need to stock up
    • Distribution
    • Traceless distribution, hidden source
    • Automatic Settlement
    • Automatic settlement, no after-sales service
    • Diversified Marketing
    • sharing, commissions, etc.
    • Supply Goods
    • Continuous supply, massive high quality
    • Uniform Price
    • Uniform price, not afraid of random price
Omnichannel Marketing
2B and 2C business integration, online and offline business integration, help enterprises to form a closed loop of omni-channel retail business, reduce costs and increase efficiency
    • Online Service
    • Offline Store
    • Online Shopping Site For PC
    • Online Shopping Site For Mobile
    • APP application effectively activates the market
    • API interface to access third-party sales platform
    • Access to ERP system to better handle business
  • Quit Worrying About System Stability
  • More reliable e-commerce system services for businesses and retailers, all with expert support.
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