Fresh Food E-commerce Solution Fresh food e-commerce enhances the closeness between e-commerce and home kitchen consumption, and solves logistics and distribution
    • Shacdock Retail Fresh Digital Management
    • Digitalization of retail fresh food, mobile procurement of fresh food digital supply chain, omni-channel sales management system
Easier Fresh Management And More Efficient Operation
Solve the problems of short shelf life, high loss and non-standard
    • Fresh Supply Chain
    • Unified management of purchasing, order and inventory
    • Sorting
    • Sorting and processing the fresh food in the purchase order
    • Losses
    • Effectively manage loss in shipping, sorting and sales
    • Weigh
    • Efficiently measure, weigh and transmit fresh produce to the system for sale
    • Smart Cashier
    • The electronic label application of goods makes settlement smart and efficient
    • Delivery
    • Real-time dispatching and distribution system to efficiently realize fresh food distribution
Omnichannel Marketing
2B and 2C business integration, online and offline business integration, help enterprises to form a closed loop of omni-channel retail business, reduce costs and increase efficiency
    • Online Service
    • Offline Store
    • Online Shopping Site For PC
    • Online Shopping Site For Mobile
    • APP application effectively activates the market
    • API interface to access third-party sales platform
    • Access to ERP system to better handle business
  • Quit Worrying About System Stability
  • More reliable e-commerce system services for businesses and retailers, all with expert support.
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