Brand Enterprise Retail Digital Service Provider With Shacdock eCommerce solutions,Save time and money so you can focus on growing your business. We have the trust of 5K+ customers. Based on a fast and secure e-commerce system, Shacdock is the first choice in the field of e-commerce.
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    Shacdock ( was established in 2012. It is a "brand enterprise retail digital service provider" with 10 years of senior service experience. It has provided digital products and services to thousands of domestic and foreign well-known brands/group customers.

    Over the years, Shacdock has always been adhering to the concept of "making Internet business ubiquitous", and has promoted the deep integration of physical business and Internet business with its rich product layout and practical experience such as brand cloud stores and B2B2C/B2B/O2O malls.

    In 2022, Shacdock will release a new generation of "Digi Retail Digital Integration System", which adopts an advanced "efficient native + VUE/REACT" technology architecture, based on flexible and powerful retail capabilities, to help brand enterprises flexibly build business applications that are easy to expand and iterate rapidly. , and further upgrade and reconstruct the enterprise IT structure.

  • The Shacdock Team, Coming From China India And America act as Our Extended Team
Thousands of Brand customers are using Shacdock
  • Shacdock's customers cover sports fashion brands, beauty cosmetics,home improvement building materials
  • clothing and home textiles,digital home appliances, food, health care pharmaceuticals Supermarkets, department stores
  • luxury jewelry, manufacturing, finance and other industries
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