O2O E-commerce Solution All-round solution to your O2O system needs,open up online and offline resources, and help you quickly build an O2O platform to realize your dreams
    • Intra-city Life E-commerce System O2O System Platform
    • The research and development of the same city O2O platform has provided an easy-to-operate and profitable O2O e-commerce system for more than 60 countries and regions around the world
Fields And Industries Of O2O Applications
Customize faster and more stable O2O systems for more industries
    • FOOD
    • Support the construction of smart restaurants, with functions including take-out, dine-in, queuing, and reservations
    • Hotel Reservation
    • Realize room management and hotel online booking, check-in, check-out, settlement, etc.
    • Intra-city Task Order
    • The same city task distribution system with one-click ordering, purchasing, delivery, and pickup service
    • Reserve
    • Online reservation system for lawyers, housekeeping, fitness, entertainment services
    • Come To Home Service
    • Industry that needs to serve customers at home, such as housekeeping, home appliance repair, etc.
    • Bring In Customer Traffic
    • Introduce customer traffic for merchants from online or offline through the O2O system
Omnichannel Marketing
2B and 2C business integration, online and offline business integration, help enterprises to form a closed loop of omni-channel retail business, reduce costs and increase efficiency
    • Online Service
    • Offline Store
    • Online Shopping Site For PC
    • Online Shopping Site For Mobile
    • APP application effectively activates the market
    • API interface to access third-party sales platform
    • Access to ERP system to better handle business
  • Quit Worrying About System Stability
  • More reliable e-commerce system services for businesses and retailers, all with expert support.
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